“Building Beloved Community – The practice of impartial love” Bell Hooks 

In Esker Lodge, we value a sense of community and solidarity for all who live and work together with us.  In order to be able to successfully achieve this, we need to ensure that we live our values every day in all our interactions with residents, their families, our team and anyone else who enters our home.  We believe the following statements encompass what we value and provide clarity to fully understand our commitment to each other. 

The value of respecting the dignity and safety of everyone in Esker Lodge  

We all need to feel safe, whether in our home or at work. To do this, we need to be:  respectful of each other and each persons’ choices and opinions, whether we agree with them or not.  Underpinning this is that: 

  • Everyone needs to feel listened to with compassion and empathy.   
  • We need to listen and be curious to understand each other. 
  • We communicate effectively within our home.  
    • When we have an internal issue or need support, we speak to our manager to help us address them.  
    • Likewise, when our managers need to query any aspects of care, we respond with respect and see feedback as an opportunity to learn and grow within our roles. 

The value of showing and growing our expertise 

We understand the importance of developing our knowledge and experience within Esker Lodge so that we can deal with the variability of life in the nursing home.  To achieve this, we need to ensure;  

  • We are proactive in developing our skills and expertise so that we can exceed the expectations of our residents, their families, our colleagues and the company. 
    • We can adapt to change with a positive outlook by constantly looking for ways to improve and grow from the challenges we face. 
    • Being creative in our approach to improvements, showing our uniqueness and person-centredness.  

The values of honesty and integrity 

We are resident-centred, ensuring that their best interests are at the heart of everything we do and that their holistic needs are met.  To do this, we need to ensure; 

  • we act professionally at all times 
  • we are accountable for our responsibilities 
    • are thorough and competent in our work by ensuring attention to detail in all we do 
    • we provide high-quality work, which includes mastery of tasks, timeliness and effectiveness. 

The value of Success 

Success for our residents, their families, our team and the company.   

Residents/Families – this includes assisting them in meeting and exceeding their expectations so that they can meet their goals and objectives and flourish in our home. 

Staff – supporting them so they can have autonomy in their roles where possible and give their work meaning when they see the results of residents’ successes and level of satisfaction with the care that residents receive. 

The Nursing Home – by providing leadership and support to the residents and staff, the nursing home will achieve its goals and objectives of providing excellent care to residents and for the company to be sustainable and grow. 

It is very important that, as a community, we openly acknowledge each other’s successes. Our sense of community and team spirit should be evident throughout the home, top-down to bottom-up.